#ScreenshotSaturday: Movement Level Up!

Character Leg Animator

This saturday, we’d like to present you our new animator system. In a brainstorming, we decided to split the character in several animators, like the leg animator which you see above. This way we are able to perform mixed animations like walking backwards and strafing. Combats will be much more dynamic and challenging. Last but not least, you will be able to customize your character in every corner 😉

Week In Review: Perfectionism

This week has been used to optimize our first animations and to consider user feedback 🙂


  • Main character walk animations revision
  • Main character idle animation with revision
  • Main character run in progress


  • New HUD bars
  • Stamina added
  • Combat system setup in progress
  • Input manager refactoring
  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • Animator system refactoring

Weeks In Review: Time for Refactoring

The past few weeks have been used for every coders favourite task: refactoring! In simple words: we took our working features and revised them with new knowledge and better performance. This is intense work with no visual outcome, but utterly necessary to keep the performance and project architecture in good shape.


  • House interiour
  • Toilet interiour
  • Main character walk animation sketch
  • Main character animation in progress
  • Water shader with moon reflection in progress


  • NPC sight with obstacle consideration
  • NPC sight memory
  • Sprite management refactored
  • Mist shader refactored
  • Sprite override (when equip armour) refactored
  • AI refactoring
  • AI tasks
  • Baked pathfinding paths
  • Pathfinding grid refactoring
  • Pathfinding A* refactoring in progress