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Welcome to the dev blog for our project called ‘Rubikon’. The team consists of three permanent members: two programmers and an artist. Additionally three people are supporting us with the game design and soundtrack.

This project started in late 2016, when my fellow student Till and I (Tony) wanted to create a dynamic Zelda-like game with more lore and depth. So we startet to develop the basics until life caught up with us and we had to take a pretty long break. But the ideas aged, like a good wine, started to make sense and we always wanted to finish this project.

Since this year we restarted our efforts and got support from Tills colleague Torben, who instantly fell in love with our idea and startet to visualize them.

Our focus lies on a demo video, which we are creating for the upcomming kickstarter campaign. This demo will be played by us at the current state of development and without mock-ups.

Stay tuned for first screenshots and details about our world.

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