– III – Faults have been made

We took the northern route to Brightfort and marched at night. There are rumors about some ghosts and sometimes people went missing. But our company had to stay off the road. And still a rider passed through and brought the information to the city.
We should’ve turned around but orders are orders. So our march continued.

As it turned out, the rider was spying on us already since days. The reinforcement surrounded us at dawn and started to shower us with arrows. There was no escape and everyone panicked. But a few soldiers and me managed to break through their line, grabbed as much equipment as we could and flew west into the forest where we killed our pursuer.

Time was running now. Low on men, low on equipment and in enemy territory…

– II – Looking out my backdoor

Everyone has a choice. Men forge their own destinies. I did choose and I will never know, if it was the right choice. Yes, everyone has a choice, but there is no escape from this war.

One of my first engagement was at Brightfort. Commander Bolg got the order to capture the city. It had strong and high walls, so my task was to get ladders as fast as possible. But such high ladders just did not exist. I had to find someone who would build them. Time and material was short and we worked all night. Eventually we finished eight ladders, each 50 feet high. As it turned out, they were not enough.

But still our march began…

– I – Cogs of War

This war swallows us all. Even the aristrocrats cannot remember what started it. Now things take its course. And I am a cogwheel in the biggest clockwork this world has ever seen.

We tried to lay false trails, but they did not lose track. All of us are exhausted and we cannot run any longer. We marched all day in enemy territory and took camp in a little glade almost in sight of Moketown. If you are dead silent, you can hear them. Tomorrow they will catch us up. There will be no reinforcements in time. We are on our own.