Week In Review: Trees, Location Setup and Smooth Arrows

We approach. A productive week lies behind us:


  • Deciduous Trees for the camp added with animating treetops
  • 2nd scene sketch
  • 2nd scene scribble in progress


  • Enemy block and pursuit in progress
  • Camp asset setup
  • Humanoid shadows
  • AI looking for seat nearby and sits down
  • AI movement refactoring. Was looking for shortest route in the 8-way-movement, but that looked weird and jittered. AI now heading towards target until the next possible direction change leads directly to it.
  • Tree prefabs
  • AI input refactoring. AI now moves via target position instead of desired direction.
  • Shadows fade slightly in the clouds shadows
  • Dynamic Post Processing. Areas can be declared bright, sober, dark wood etc which affects the post exposure / saturation / contrast of the camera.
  • Horizontal arrow shooting refactored. Added air drag, improved collision.
  • Vertical arrow shooting in progress

Videos will follow as soon. And don’t miss out on some sweet impressions on #ScreenshotSaturday! Have a good one!

– II – Looking out my backdoor

Everyone has a choice. Men forge their own destinies. I did choose and I will never know, if it was the right choice. Yes, everyone has a choice, but there is no escape from this war.

One of my first engagement was at Brightfort. Commander Bolg got the order to capture the city. It had strong and high walls, so my task was to get ladders as fast as possible. But such high ladders just did not exist. I had to find someone who would build them. Time and material was short and we worked all night. Eventually we finished eight ladders, each 50 feet high. As it turned out, they were not enough.

But still our march began…

– I – Cogs of War

This war swallows us all. Even the aristrocrats cannot remember what started it. Now things take its course. And I am a cogwheel in the biggest clockwork this world has ever seen.

We tried to lay false trails, but they did not lose track. All of us are exhausted and we cannot run any longer. We marched all day in enemy territory and took camp in a little glade almost in sight of Moketown. If you are dead silent, you can hear them. Tomorrow they will catch us up. There will be no reinforcements in time. We are on our own.

Hello World. Hello Rubikon.

Welcome to the dev blog for our project called ‘Rubikon’. The team consists of three permanent members: two programmers and an artist. Additionally three people are supporting us with the game design and soundtrack.

This project started in late 2016, when my fellow student Till and I (Tony) wanted to create a dynamic Zelda-like game with more lore and depth. So we startet to develop the basics until life caught up with us and we had to take a pretty long break. But the ideas aged, like a good wine, started to make sense and we always wanted to finish this project.

Since this year we restarted our efforts and got support from Tills colleague Torben, who instantly fell in love with our idea and startet to visualize them.

Our focus lies on a demo video, which we are creating for the upcomming kickstarter campaign. This demo will be played by us at the current state of development and without mock-ups.

Stay tuned for first screenshots and details about our world.

anating triolic waves. The cerebellum, the cerebral cortex, the brain stem, the entire nervous system has been depleted of electrochemical energy. Any device like that would produce high levels of triolic waves. These walls have undergone some kind of selective molecular polarization. I haven’t determined if our phaser energy can generate a stable field. We could alter the photons with phase discriminators.