Screenshot Saturday: Ketu, The Traveller

This week we spent some time figuring out our main character Ketu. A rogue-ish and agile person, grown up on the road, travelled from far away to finally find some answers. But answers to what questions? Well, we won’t tell you yet 😉

“But can’t I play as a woman instead” you ask? We got you covered. Customization options are already planned, to enable you to change up your character to fit your taste. Neat, isn’t it?

Screenshot Saturday: The Mill

For this weeks Screenshot Saturday we present you our second location: The old mill. Down by the creek and over the old bridge lies the home of a lonely old, broken farmer, tending to his crops and waiting for the fall.

It is the second stop the player reaches in our gameplay demo. We tried to create a solitary and melancholic atmosphere here, do you think we managed? What detail do you like, what gives you the feels?

Rubikons recipe

Main ingredients

  • Start at Zelda – A Link to the Past
  • Expand the world massively
  • Add hundreds of NPC’s (humans and animals) for a living world
  • Add to factions with thousands of soldiers
  • Spice it up with some kind of GoT like story (before season 6!)
  • Let them wage war with dynamic warfare
  • Insert a mysterious relict
  • Add some fantasy elements à la Princess Mononoke
  • Decelerate everything slightly like Journey
  • Season it with a bit Dark Souls melancholy
  • Add the player and choose your destiny
  • Let the war begin!

– III – Faults have been made

We took the northern route to Brightfort and marched at night. There are rumors about some ghosts and sometimes people went missing. But our company had to stay off the road. And still a rider passed through and brought the information to the city.
We should’ve turned around but orders are orders. So our march continued.

As it turned out, the rider was spying on us already since days. The reinforcement surrounded us at dawn and started to shower us with arrows. There was no escape and everyone panicked. But a few soldiers and me managed to break through their line, grabbed as much equipment as we could and flew west into the forest where we killed our pursuer.

Time was running now. Low on men, low on equipment and in enemy territory…

Shader Magic

Our programmer and technical artist Tony summoned some mystic shader magic and now we have softly swaying grass, trees that move in the wind and little butterflies roaming around. We are really happy with how it turned out and think, it really helps make the world feel more alive. What do you think?