Week In Review: ‘The Mill’ and shaders, shaders, shaders…

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Let’s bring you up to date with our weekly summary!


  • Second scene ‘The Mill’
  • Main character design and animation in progress
  • Sprite distortion via shaders for dynamic wind visualization
  • Shader for 3D mist effect
  • Dithering shader for new field of view visualization


  • Implementation of our second scene
  • WeatherManager refactoring
  • Manual and dynamic weather feature
  • LockDirection feature for upcoming combat system
  • Learn the ropes of shaders
  • Several fixes and minor improvements
  • Combat system performance boost
  • Combat system in progress
  • Character editor in progress

Check out our recent weather teaser and don’t miss our main character revelation on next #ScreenshotSaturday! Take care!


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