About Rubikon

Hi and welcome to the homepage for our game Rubikon!

Hopefully on this page you’ll find answers to most of your questions. If not, post a comment below and we will answer everything you want to know.

  • What is Rubikon?
    • Rubikon is an indie game developed by three friends from Germany. It is inspired by our love for old school Action RPGs like The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening and our passion for rich, atmospheric (and sometims melancholic) worlds like Dark Souls or Nausicäa Of The Valley Of The Wind.

      We have a recipe for what Rubikon should be:
      • Start at Zelda – A Link to the Past
      • Expand the world massively
      • Add hundreds of NPC’s (humans and animals) for a living world
      • Add two factions with thousands of soldiers
      • Spice it up with some kind of GoT like story (before season 6!)
      • Let them wage war with dynamic warfare
      • Insert a mysterious relict
      • Add some fantasy elements à la Princess Mononoke
      • Decelerate everything slightly like Journey
      • Season it with a bit Dark Souls melancholy
      • Add the player and choose your destiny
      • Let the war begin!
  • What’s it about?
    • It takes place in a world torn by conflict raging on for centuries. The main kicker is that the conflict is continuously raging on in the background, no matter if the player directly participates or not. Depending on the outcomes of battles, the balance of power between the two main factions shifts which can influence the people in the affected area. The player might find a fort besieged or a town struggling to get by as resources are used up by the army.The plan is that you can pick sides, or even stay neutral and mainly take care of the civilians who suffer under the everlasting war

  • Who are you?
    • Tony and myself (Till) are programmers and we originally kicked off this project. We studied computer science together and started using Unity during that time. While working at a small game studio I met Torben, our artist who is making all the assets you’ll see posted here. We do have some more helpers, like Yoshi, a game designer and writer who will help formulate dialogues and story and a couple of talented musicians who are working on a fitting soundtrack 🙂

  • When can I play it?
    • Tough question but by the end of the summer we plan on having a gameplay video ready. Once we reach that state we might consider building the scenes used in the video into a playable demo – no promises yet

  • How can I support you?
    • Share our stuff! Check out our social media (find all the links in the sidebar or below) and spread the word. Any feedback is appreciated too.Keep your eyes peeled, there might be a fundraiser dropping soon so we can go full time 😀